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The Creative People's Centre is both a community and web based service for people involved in the arts and creative industries.

On the CPC website you will find articles focusing on arts related topics; information about the latest CPC events plus legal factsheets which provide a detailed insight into specific legal issues encountered in the creative industries.

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Workshops & Seminars for Creative People

Workshops & Seminars for Creative People

The Depot’s ArtsLab workshops are designed for creative people seeking to develop their arts practice and generate income. Artists across all disciplines have frequently inquired where they might find professional work and practice development workshops designed from a creative and not just business perspective.  The Depot has discovered that artists want to develop skills in [...]

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Fact Sheets

Moral Rights for Visual Artists and Photographers

Infringements, transferring, right of attribution, right of integrity, right of privacy and much more.

Copyright & Moral Rights in the Film/TV Industry

Copyright, moral rights, registration, attribution, infringements

Producer Agreements

The roles, responsibilities, and definitions of different types of producers