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Written by David McLaughlin on July 23, 2009


Click link to download CPC Factsheet - Defamation (1598)

There are limits at law in respect of what one person can say about another where any such statements are intended to unfairly attack the reputation of that person.  The legal term given to this defamation.  In order to try explain how defamation works in practice the specific questions we address in this Fact Sheet are:

•    What is defamation?
•    When does defamation occur?
•    What is a defamatory statement?
•    When does defamation occur?
•    What are the defences to defamation available?
•    What is the defence of ‘Truth’?
•    What is the defence of ‘Honest Opinion’?
•    What is the defence of ‘Privilege’?
•    What happens if the court finds that defamation has occurred?
•    How can I avoid the risk of having action taken against me for defamation?

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