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Written by David McLaughlin on January 22, 2009

Licensing and Recording Agreements

Recording and Licensing Agreements are two of the most common agreements that are used in the music industry. However there are many specific aspects to these agreements that need to be carefully reviewed and considered in any case to ensure you are getting a fair deal. As no two agreements will ever be the same it is even more important that you have a good understanding of the key terms and mechanics of these agreements so as you can effectively evaluate any agreement that may be presented to you. In this Fact Sheet we consider some of these key terms and the related issues you need to be aware of.

The specific questions we address are:

  • What is a Recording Agreement?
  • Does the artist own the recordings made under the Recording Agreement?
  • What is a Licensing Agreement?
  • How long does a Recording Agreement last for?
  • How long does a Licensing Agreement last for?
  • What happens if I want to record for another record label?
  • Does the record label have the right to sell my records worldwide?
  • What is the record label’s obligation to actually release the sound recordings?
  • How does the record label get paid?
  • How much will I get paid?
  • Will I get paid from the first record sold?
  • How long will I continue to be paid royalties for?
  • Will there be any deductions?
  • Are there any other royalties I will be paid?
  • Are there any other ways royalties can be paid?
  • When will I be paid?
  • Will the record label pay for tours?
  • Will the record label pay for videos?
  • What is a 360 deal?

Fact Sheet: Licensing and Recording Agreements (3215)

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