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Written by David McLaughlin on July 23, 2009

Trade Marks

Click link to download CPC Factsheet - Trademarks (851)

Trade marks are a type of intellectual property just like copyright is a type of intellectual property.  However trade marks exclusively protect brands and logos and other related aspects of a company’s or person’s products or image.  Trade marks can also play a key role in helping to maintain the value you create in your business or creative endeavours.  In order to try and demystify how trade marks work in practice the specific questions we address in this Fact Sheet are:

•    What is a trade mark?
•    What is an example of a well known trade mark?
•    What is goodwill?
•    How are trade marks protected?
•    When are my rights in a registered trade mark breached?
•    Why should I register a trade mark?
•    Must I register a trade mark?
•    What does the ® symbol and the ™ symbol mean?
•    What is the first step in registering a trade mark?
•    How do I apply to register a trade mark?
•    What are ‘classes’?
•    How much does a trade mark application cost?
•    Are all trade marks registerable?
•    What happens after my application is filed?
•    How long does registration last?
•    Is registration in New Zealand also effective overseas?
•    When do I get rights in a trade mark which I have registered in another country?

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