Contents insurance

Contents insurance

Why you need Contents Insurance NZ

Whenever insurance is mentioned most people think of automobile insurance, life insurance and maybe health insurance. Contents insurance doesn’t cross most people’s minds, and that includes contents insurance NZ. There are usually two reasons for this. Either people don’t know that it exists or even if they do, they just don’t think it’s needed. That may be because there is a perceived threat issue when it comes to people’s attitude. Even in the case of a high-risk situation such as automobiles, it’s not uncommon for people to try and evade getting insurance. That’s why there are laws in place. When you think about it, the contents of your house are even more important. Without it, it would be difficult to go on with our daily lives.

So, what exactly is contents insurance from YOUI and what does it cover? As the name suggests, contents insurance NZ is just that, an insurance policy that covers the contents of the house. As far as coverage goes, it protects all things within the house. However, this where most people get confused. It only covers articles that are not attached or considered to be a part of the house, such as doors or windows. Contents insurance covers personal belongings such as clothes, jewelry, artwork such as paintings, electrical appliances such as television sets and so on.

As with any other type of insurance, different policies cover different levels of insurance. And contents insurance NZ is no exception. However, basic coverage will include, natural disasters such as fire and flood. Manmade issues such as accidental damage and theft can also be covered, depending on the level of coverage. There are other types of coverage within the umbrella of the main coverage such as personal possessions cover. This covers possessions that are frequently taken out of the house such as electrical items and jewelry. Premiums are determined by the level of coverage.

What exactly does contents insurance not cover? As mentioned earlier it does not cover articles considered to be part of the house. That means any damage or wear and tear that happens to the walls, roof, doors and windows will not be covered. Generally, these types of items come under home or building insurance. It is very important to understand this distinction before signing on. From all this, it is clear that contents insurance NZ adds another layer of protection and gives peace of mind, especially for those who have a lot of belongings to worry about.

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