CPC – Creative People’s Centre

What is the Creative People’s Centre? Who is it for? How can we help?

The Creative People’s Centre is both a community and web based service for people involved in the creative industries. This centre provides a unique creative hub, providing capacity building tools and networking opportunities for creative people. It has a physical location in the Depot Artspace, Devonport, which has a significant creative demographic and which is accessible by both city-siders and North Shore locals.

The CPC encapsulates the Depot’s ethos of inclusiveness, accessibility and empowerment and extends the scope of opportunities and resources for creative people.

As a community-based not-for-profit arts organisation, the Depot has a proud history of innovation and self-help. It has grown significantly over the last decade by recognising and successfully responding to opportunities, interests and needs.

The Creative People’s Centre has grown similarly, in response to a clearly identified need in the creative sector for a locally based, as well as virtual service dedicated to providing resources, advice, information and support to empower creative people. The Depot has addressed many of these needs informally and through existing programmes but the demand has outgrown the available resources.

The Project: Creative People’s Centre

The CPC assists creative people across all disciplines and support arts centres and arts groups through creating accessible services and resources and providing opportunities for networking and collaboration amongst artists. These will include:

  • A community centre and focus for artists.
  • A web-based information, advice and news update service
  • Provision of legal services including advice; mediation; seminars; referrals. Pro bono and sliding scale charge appointments to individuals seeking legal advice relating to personal issues. This will be both a web-based and local service.
  • Information, advocacy and advice on funding. (Please note that we do not provide actual funding)
  • Advice and support on self-sustainability and self-employment.
  • Assistance with project development, both for arts centres and artists.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Seminars on arts related issues.
  • Referral to needs-specific agencies, e.g. APRA; MIC; W&I;
  • An opportunity for artists and arts communities to network, collaborate and gain mutual support.

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